Tucker-Haskins and Associates can help you reach your financial goals. We provide a full range of financial instruments, and we are always guided by what's in your best interest.

  • We specialize in helping those in the pre-retirement stage of their lives structure assets for more long-term success in retirement.
  • Our portfolios emphasize both safety and structure, reflecting the planning and engineering backgrounds of our founders.
  • We are educators first, so we help you understand your financial options and the importance of your decisions.
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Retirement Planning

It matters now because some of the best years of your life are yet to come.

What you invest in retirement planning today will make all of the difference tomorrow. We specialize in helping those in the pre-retirement stage of their lives structure assets for long-term success in retirement. Let us help you with what we do best and help you make the most of your savings and investments for the bright future ahead.


Find strategies to help you do more with your wealth and pursue your life’s goals.

Accumulation and risk management go hand-in-hand – though when risk increases, so does the potential for significant returns. In this way, financial planning can be a balancing act. We’ll help you build a diverse investment portfolio to help with custom accumulation strategies.

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Risk Management

With anything worthwhile always comes the risk of loss. That’s why we’ve devoted one of our primary services to the protection and preservation of your wealth. Life circumstances can change on a dime – no pun intended – and our goal is to help identify and plan to minimize potential resulting risks to protect the money you’ve worked hard for.

Identify Risk

Identify Risk

Examples of possible personal or professional risk include liability, business ownership, property loss, and illness.

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Avoid & Minimize

Explore how to and take the necessary measures to identify, avoid or at least minimize risk surrounding your assets.

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Asset Protection Planning

We’ll help you strategize how to plan ahead for and manage risks to your assets such as your property or business.

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Business Risk Management

As an owner, it can be time-consuming; let us help watch out for and strategize ways to mitigate loss from business risk.


There are always ways to save when it comes to your assets and savings, but taxation can prove to be a big drag on your dollars if you’re unfamiliar with tax-savings strategies. At Tucker-Haskins and Associates, we’ll share our in-depth knowledge of tax implications, investment strategies, and more.

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Investment Tax Planning

We can offer year-round planning strategies that evaluate and help position your assets so you can potentially minimize long-term taxes.

Life Event

Life Event Tax Planning

Many significant life events, including retirement, charitable giving and death can have tax considerations that we can help you prepare for.

Learn to potentially hold onto more of your wealth with game-changing tax-savings strategies and planning.

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Estate Planning

Your legacy is your life’s hard work. Make sure you plan to protect it.

You want to build your legacy and protect it with the right plan. Proper estate planning will help make sure that your personal property is distributed to your loved ones according to your wishes. We’ll also work with you to develop a tax-efficient strategy that will help you leave more behind for the ones you hold dear.

Long-Term Care

Even in good health, no one is immune from the possibility of long-term care.

At any age, it’s best to be prepared for the possibility of needing assistance later on. Because Medicare doesn’t cover long-term expenses, it’s important to attribute some portion of savings to proper assisted living. Get a plan to help you stay covered in the event of illness or decline.

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Business Planning

If you’re a business owner, your business is one of your biggest (and most personal) assets. We know how much goes into starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business, which is why protecting your legacy is so crucial. While running a business comes with its own set of risks, we can help you identify and manage these risks. Our business planning services also cover executive compensation and succession planning.

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Executive Compensation

Let’s explore strategies for insurance benefits, retirement plans, and stock options.

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Succession Planning

Succession planning refers to the process of transferring a business from a previous owner to a new owner.

We understand work environments and union benefits, pensions and 401(k)s—and we know how to build strong portfolios.